What does the Bible Say About Dinosaurs?

Genesis 1:20-25


  1. Evolutionists use dinosaurs to indoctrinate children that the earth is millions of years old, to give an improper interpretation of Genesis, and to prove ancient dates for fossils. They believe the Bible does not mention dinosaurs and call them prehistoric animals.
  2. Young earth creationists believe the Bible does mention dinosaurs and they existed with man and were created on the 5th and 6th day of creation.

What do we know about the Bible and dinosaurs?

The Bible does not use the word “dinosaur.”

  1. The Bible uses the Hebrew word “tanniyn” tan-neen. The word “dinosaur” was invented in 1841 and means “great lizard.”
  2. It is translated different ways in our English Bible. It is called “sea monster,” “serpent,” and it is commonly translated “dragon.”
  3. Many believe they were some sort of giant reptiles and are mentioned nearly 35 times in the Old Testament and are found both on land and water.

Dinosaurs existed with man.

  1. The flying and sea dinosaurs were created on the 5th day and the land dinosaurs were created on the 6th day.
  2. Two of every kind were taken on the ark [Gen. 7:9.] Those not on the ark drowned and others went extinct because of the change in climate, loss of habitat, disease, and hunting by man.
  3. They had a friendly existence with man and did not fear man until after the flood [Gen. 9:2].
  4. Nearly every ancient civilization has some sort of art depicting giant reptile creatures.
    a. Rock carvings in South America depict men riding dinosaur-like creatures. Marco Polo reported sightings of dinosaur-like creatures.
    b. Fossilized footprints of humans and dinosaurs have been found together in North America and West-Central Asia.
    c. The first dinosaur fossil was discovered in the 1820s.

The Bible describes two dinosaur-like creatures.

  1. Behemoth– [Job 40:15-24] – Colossal beast
    a. Some have tried to identify this as an elephant or a hippopotamus. If it is an elephant, the large trunk and ears are not mentioned. Many believe this large animal was a dinosaur.
    b. Hippos and elephants have small tails, not like a cedar. The word tail is translated as “trunk.”
  2. Leviathan– [Job 41:1-34] – Large sea creature
    a. Four other O.T. texts refer to this large sea creature [Job 3:8; Ps. 74:13-14; 104:25-26; Is. 27:1].
    b. Some have tried to say this is a crocodile. Crocodiles are not sea creatures. Some believe it is a killer whale or great white shark.
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