What Did Mary Know?

Mary was a highly favored woman who was privileged to bear the Christ-child.

Luke 1:26-37, 45-55; 2:1-35

There is a popular song at Christmas time called “Mary Did You Know.”

The song begs the question, what did Mary know? She knew what she was told! She could only know and believe what she was told.

What Mary Knew

1. Mary knew the Messiah would come from her and Joseph’s family line, the line of David.

2. The child she would bear would come from the Holy Spirit and be God and man. He would be the Son of God, the Savior and King.

3. His name means “Jehovah saves”. Mary knew He would save her, the Jews, and the Gentiles.

4. The child she would delver would deliver her from her sins.

5. She rejoiced because He would be her Savior, not just that she was chosen to give birth to the Messiah (Luke 2:11).

Her joy over what she was told caused her to break out in praise because Mary hid God’s word in her heart (Luke 1:38), and she turned it into praise.

Eight times she used the phrase, “He hath” in this psalm. Mary magnified (exalted) the Lord (Luke 1:46). Her great desire was to declare his greatness – to brag and boast on Jesus.

6. She knew He would fulfill the covenant promises to Abraham.

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