What are the Spiritual Gifts?

Temporary Gifts

SIGN GIFTS- (Establish the work, foundational gifts)

  1. Miracles
    •An extraordinary event worked by God through human agents that can’t be explained by natural forces.
    •To authenticate the human instrument God has chosen to declare a specific revelation to those who witnessed the miracle. The purpose was to present a spiritual truth.
  2. Tongues
    •The supernatural ability to speak in a known language you have not learned.
    •Given to Israel as a sign of Judgment that there was now a transition from the old to the new covenant. Also, to help get the gospel out of Jerusalem.
  3. Healings
    •Someone with this gift would be able to heal as Jesus and the Apostles did.
    •We believe in faith healing (James 5:13-15) but not faith healers.
  4. Office of Apostle and Prophet

Permanent Gifts

SPEAKING GIFTS- (Expound the Word)

  1. Prophecy- (I Cor 14:3).
    •Prophet would foretell while prophecy would forth-tell.
    •Preaching to edify, encourage, and comfort (I Cor 14:3; I Tim 4:13).
    •More exhortation and motivational.
    •Confronts sin and false teaching.
    •Decisive, opinionated, and outspoken.
  2. Teaching- (I Cor 12:28).
    •It is the ability to explain and apply God’s Word.
    •One has a deep desire to impart God’s truths to the hearers.
    •Loves to dig into God’s Word.

SERVING GIFTS- (Expand the Work)

  1. Faith- (I Cor 12:9).
    •Some have a special gift to trust God for the extraordinary things.
    •The heroes of faith of Hebrews 11
    •It is unshakeable conviction in the face of impossible odds.
  2. Knowledge- (I Cor 12:8).
    •The understanding of truth.
    •The special ability to discover the full meaning of a text or context.
  3. Wisdom- (I Cor 12:8).
    •The ability to apply scripture to ones life.
    •The ability to understand God’s will and obey it.
  4. Discerning of spirits- (I Cor 12:10).
    •Ability to determine true and false teachers and teachings.
    •Able to detect counterfeit teachings and deceptions.
  5. Mercy- (Rom 12:8b).
    •Can identify with the pain of another believer.
    •Compassionate love that acts
  6. Exhortation- (Rom 12:8).
    •Ability to come alongside another and comfort, encourage, exhort, warn, and admonish.
    •Uses the Word of God to correct a wrong behavior or belief.
    •Able to sense needs in the body.
  7. Giving- (Rom 12:8).
    •Ministry of providing material goods or meeting the temporal needs of others.
    •Does not relate to how much we possess.
    •Give behind the scenes without fanfare.
  8. Administration or leading- (Rom 12:8).
    •One who can steer, guide, or direct, a helms man.
    •Lead with diligence and zeal.
  9. Ministry or helps- (Rom 12:7; I Co 12:28).
    •To serve, to wait upon, to render assistance.
    •Likes to meet practical needs allowing others to use their gifts.
    •Greatest ability is availability.

Spiritual Gift Survey

I feel like my gift/gifts are these-

____ Teaching. What age group?

____ Faith

____ Knowledge and Wisdom

____ Mercy

____ Exhortation

____ Giving

____ Leading

____ Service/Helps

____ Evangelism

____ Music

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