What are the Prophetic Checklists for the Church and for Israel?

Prophetic Checklist for the Church

  1. The worldwide spread of atheism.
  2. Liberalism spreads in Europe and America.
  3. Ecumenical movement begins.
  4. Apostasy and denial of Biblical truth.
  5. Moral chaos because of departure from Christian morality.
  6. The sweep of spiritism, the occult, and doctrines of demons.
  7. Jerusalem- center of religious controversy for Jews and Arabs.
  8. The rapture of the church.
  9. The restraint of evil by the Holy Spirit is lifted.
  10. The one world church is formed by the False Prophet.
  11. The Anti Christ destroys the world church.
  12. Believers and Jews are martyred.
  13. Christ returns at the end of the tribulation.

Prophetic Checklist for Israel

  1. Israel is established as a nation in 1948.
  2. Russia emerges as an enemy of Israel.
  3. America befriends Israel and promises protection.
  4. The Arab nations are strengthened by Europe and Arab nations.
  5. America’s influence is weakened by terrorism and immorality
  6. Rapture of the church.
  7. Israel is forced to sign a peace pact with the leader of a confederacy of 10 nations.
  8. Jews celebrate what they think is a lasting peace.
  9. First three and a half years, Judaism is revived and temple rebuilt.
  10. Russia and Islamic nations invade Israel and are destroyed.
  11. Antichrists sets himself up in the temple as God.
  12. God has the 144,000 Jewish evangelists and two witnesses.
  13. Christ returns to earth and 1/3 of Jews welcome him as Messiah.
  14. The Millennial reign of Christ and fulfillment of prophetic promises to Israel.
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