Faith Promise Missions

We do require prospective missionaries whom we partner with to fill out a simple questionnaire and return to Trinity Baptist Church. This form is on our website under the missions link.

Faith-Promise Missions is a simple program that bases its dogma on scripture and the New Testament plan for reaching the world with the Gospel. It is strictly voluntary (as are all other New Testament offerings), but expected from all members of our church.

The program is introduced to all members of the church at our annual missions conference. During this conference the church is made aware of the New Testament program for giving to missions as found in I Corinthians 16:1-4. At the end of the conference a simple outlined pledge card is distributed to each member of the church. On this card is an explanation of Faith-Promise Missions and a sequence of pledges that one may feel led to make for missions in the coming year. The pledges may be given monthly or weekly.

All gifts are taken into our missions account and 100% of the money is distributed to mission works in the United States and around the world. The benefit of this type of program is that we have been privileged to meet all our missionaries with their families and hear them preach in our church. We receive prayer letters from each missionary updating us on their works and these are placed on the table in the foyer.

The “faith” in Faith-Promise Missions involves each individual making a commitment to give a predetermined amount to missions systematically and regularly by faith. Each individual is encouraged to pledge an amount that will have to be provided by God and give it as He provides. When God provides each week for this need to be fulfilled it nourishes the church and the individual through whom God has supplied the need. At present our missions support is 30 missionaries @ $900.00 per month. Once pledged, you need to fulfill your commitment to the Lord.


Will and Rebel Hill- Japan
Tim Lewis- Papua New Guinea
Terry Thrun- Samoa
Stephen and Julie Knickerbocker- Burkina Faso
Aaron and Aubrie Vance- Colombia
Luke Marie- Bolivia
J.P. Day- Iraq
Arlan Davis- Joint Base at McGuire-Dix, New Jersey
Jerry and Barbara Alford- Venezuela
Robbie Mullinax- China
Nathan and Renee Owens- Antigua, West Indies (Caribbean Radio)
Paul Marsh- Hispanic Ministry, Harrison, TN
Joel and Sandra Marsh- Guatemala City, Guatemala
Tom and Carolyn Pace- Lima, Peru
Phil Frasier- Philippines
Tim Martin- Rock of Ages Prison Ministry
Mike Reason- Youth of America
Keith Collins- Lima, Peru
Josh and Melissa Daniel- Brazil
Ryan and Heather Hill- Bangkok, Thailand
Chuck and Cindy Teel- Baumholder, Germany
Carlos and Ann Concepcion- Philippines
David and Lynn Cordell- Jews in Atlanta
Rick and Marie Whiteside- Republic of Belarus
Keith Bridges- Oregon
Thomasville Pregnancy Center- Thomasville, GA
Gideon’s Int’l- Thomasville, GA
Lighthouse Children’s Home- Tallahassee, FL
Ben Shore- Scotland
Stephen Kennedy- Ireland

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