Family Secrets

Speaker: Pastor Ken Burgess
Series: The Gospel of Mark #15
Title: “Family Secrets”
Scripture: Mark 4:3-9,14-20
Date: 04-09-17 Sun. AM

Description: Have you ever wondered why some are with us then depart from us, why they profess but don’t continue, and why they are not here (or in any other church)? All of these questions can be explained in the parable today!

As Jesus proclaimed the gospel of the kingdom not everybody believed, in fact, more rejected the gospel than believed. Because of the hardness of the people’s hearts, Jesus taught in parables so those seeking truth could understand and those who hardened their heart could not understand (Mark 4:10-12).

Three observations:

1. The parable of the four soils illustrates the problem Jesus faced and the reactions people have to the gospel.

2. This parable also teaches that people don’t lose their salvation, they just never possessed salvation.

3. If someone seems to have lost their salvation, they were just one of the first three hearts (Mark 4:23).

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