Does “Beulah Land” Refer to Heaven?

The great hymn by Squire Parsons has blessed many over the years as we reflect on the promise and desire for heaven. But, what is the connection between Beulah and the Bible?

The word “Beulah” is used one time in the Bible. The only reference is found in Isaiah 62:4. The Hebrew word is Baal [Strongs 1166] which means to marry, to have dominion, to rule over. The word is used of Judah’s and Israel’s marriage to a foreign god [Mal. 2:11]. It is used figuratively here of God’s marriage to Israel [Jer. 3:14]. The word reflects a full restored relationship with the Lord.

The context of the verse is Israel occupying and possessing Jerusalem, which Hephzibah refers to. The Lord is speaking about a sincere and bonding marriage between Him and His children.

While its true we still have a hope and desire for heaven, Heaven is not called Beulah Land in the Bible.

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